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Does your iPhone battery drain too quickly? Find service options and tips to extend the battery life of your iPhone.If your iPhone issue is covered by warranty, AppleCare, or consumer law, well replace your battery at no charge. Not sure if youre covered? The ugly truth about your iPhone battery? Its got a lifespan of less than two years, but may not even last that long if you re careless. Here are expert tips to help you take better care of it - and then know when to send it to that recycling bin in the sky. That leaves iPhone users asking a question: how to save iPhone battery on iOS 11?Once you enjoy the upgrades brought by iOS 11 on iPhone 6 (Plus)/6S (6S Plus), iPhone 7, 8, iPhone X, all those new features will drain battery. How to prevent your iPhones power pack from conking out prematurely.Youre overheating your battery. Okay, this isnt specifically a charging issue. But its still very important. Youve probably noticed that your phone is annoyingly sluggish after its been sitting out in the iPhone and Retina iPad at the same time, such as this little number from PowerGen, and you will be able to use in-car navigation and entertainment at the same time as giving your iPhone a renewed lease of life.What are your top tips? How do you like to save your own iPhones battery power? By determining how many battery cycles your iPhone battery has completed, we can estimate its remaining battery lifespan. The more full charge cycles you complete, the sooner your battery will have to be replaced. How to find battery usage. Launch the Settings app. Tap on Battery. This will show you all the apps and internal services like Home Lock screen that are consuming battery on your iPhone. By default, it shows you the battery hogs in the last 24 hours. How to check iPhone battery health. January 6, 2018 by Editorial Staff.Either way, this article will help you! Today, Im going to show you 4 methods to check accurately how well your iPhones battery can perform. While were excited for iOS 11, theres inevitable iPhone battery drain that comes along with it. If you recently updated to iOS 11, you re probably trying to figure out why your iPhone battery is dying so fast.

If iOS 11 is draining your iPhones battery life, heres how to save it. The iPhone is a great companion that provides plenty to do — that is, unless your battery is dead. Once the juice is gone, youre left with a pretty paperweight. Its frustrating when you re struggling to make your iPhones battery last between charges With the controversy surrounding Apples deliberate CPU throttling on iPhones with degraded batteries, it feels more appropriate than ever to talk about battery health and more specifically how to check the battery health status of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. How to check battery usage on iPhone and iPad.How to understand battery usage. The screen lighting up, radios transmitting, and chips processing are the biggest single causes of power drain on your iPhone or iPad. The new lower price was supposed to take effect sometime in January, but Apples new battery replacement program ended up starting early this past Saturday. Want to take advantage and get your iPhone battery swapped for 29? The new iOS 11 was just released by Apple, and you can install it right now.

Overall, its got some great features, but how does it fare battery-wise on your iPhone? And how can you increase daily battery life for more juice and less charging every day? Heres some tips to help get the most Apple juice out of your iPhone battery.Kill Push Notifications From Apps. Phone buzzing every time your lives have renewed on Super Mario Run?9 How To Cook Every Type Of Steak. New Atlas offers tips and gadget suggestions so youll never be caught with a dead iPhone. Get to know your battery.Beneath that, youll see an option to display battery percentage, along with a list of apps ranked in order of how much battery they use. The final stop for solving your iPhone battery drain problems. Battery draining too fast?But first, we need to test and see if you even have a problem to begin with. How to Test For iPhone battery drain. Last week Apple released the latest iteration of its operating system, iOS 11, and users are finding its running their battery dry, with plenty of them taking to Twitter to complain: Damn iOS 11. Left the house with battery at 100 and its now at 18 . — LP (asheroo92) September 30, 2017. If you are an iPhone user, you probably enjoy the look and feel of your phone and relish the productivity and fun iPhone provides towards both your business and personal life. Nevertheless, there is Well iPhone 6 only minimal battery drain, iPad Air is being hammered from the update, typical use before I need to hook up charge cable was 4 to 6Now Im lucky if I get 1.5-2 hours Before my phone drain to 10. I know all the ways to help reduce battery drain.Knowing how to do it misses the point. Luckily, weve got a few tips and tricks to maximise your iPhone battery while still enjoying all the functions of your Apple Watch: Make sure you re updated to WatchOS 2. Part 1. How to Calibrate iPhone Battery. Activate the iPhone out of stupor with a warm reboot. Under normal circumstances, a reading indicating 70 charge accommodates a 2-to 3-minute video recording with ease, but a battery drain may pause the recording abruptly. Weve all been there when you glance over at your iPhone to find that its in the 20 or lower red battery zone.So to help you in this area weve drawn up a list of top tips on how to extend your iPhone battery life. Five simple tricks to make your iPhone battery last as long as possible.If youre constantly finding yourself with a dead iPhone before the end of the day, we have a few tricks thatll make sure that never happens again. How to Read iPhone Battery Diagnostics? What are the criteria that determine a healthy iPhone battery?2. iPhone wear level: technically, when the iPhone wear level reaches at 25 (85 of new), the iPhone battery should be changed to a replacement. After learning how to boost your iPhone battery life, you should also know the right software to use when you lose data on your iPhone (including iPhone X and iPhone 8). iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS Data Recovery is a powerful program tool for Mac and Windows users. Apples newest iPhone case promises to boost your mobiles battery life, but its also a pain to carry in your pocket.Though the Internet is awash with advice on how to properly charge your phone to get it to hold a charge for longer, these suggestions are mostly "bogus," said Lloyd Gordon, chief electrical It does not apply to an original iPhone or a new iPhone 4. Depending on how much you use your iPhone, sooner or later its battery life becomes sufficiently reduced as to be inconvenient and justify replacing. Five Methods:iPhone 7 and 7 Plus iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C iPhone 4 and 4S iPhone 3G Community QA. This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a battery from an iPhone by disassembling the phone. Since iOS 11 has been available for over a week, many users are now running Apples latest mobile OS. While there are lots of great new features, one downside many users are experiencing is decreased battery life. Lets take a look at the best ways to improve battery life on your iPhone. USA Today contributor Jennifer Jolly shows us some absolutely genius re-uses for an that old iPhone that you have lying around the house. USA TODAY. Get a more precise idea of how much battery life your iPhone or iPod touch has left by viewing the battery as a percentage.The battery icon in the top right corner of your iPhone lets you know how much juice your phones got left, but it doesnt offer much detail. Smartphones help us check our email and upload photos, watch movies and even navigate our way through France. Given all that, it might not come as a massive shock when your phone dies after an intensive day of use How to plug your iPhone into the USB charger. Your iPhone comes with a USB connection cable and a USB power adapter.When you connect your iPhone to a USB port on your computer to sync or transfer photos, the battery automatically begins taking a charge. How To Disable iPhone Throttling. The first thing to do is to update your iPhone if it isnt already on iOS 11.3. Once updated, dive into Settings and look for Battery Health under the Battery section.Start here. Buy Cheap Data Plans / Renew GOtv, DStv, and Startimes. How-to. Apple.A small notice at the very top will appear if your iPhones battery is ready for a swap. Once you re ready to replace the battery, you have two choices: doing it yourself and hiring someone else to do it. In this guide, you will learn how to improve battery life or iPhone or iPad or another device that is running iOS. To increase iPhone battery life, you have to change your iPhones charging and usage habits a little bit and also some settings in iOS as well. Solution 1: Check out How Battery is Consumed on Your iPhone. The first thing you should do is have a detailed look at how battery is consumed on your device before going ahead with the process to fix the problem. Heres how you can check your iPhone battery health using a few apps straight from the iOS App Store or straight from iOS itself. Check Your iPhone Battery Health and See if You Need a Replacement. Now that the cat is out of the bag with Apple revealing that it throttles iPhones with old Swipe down from the right hand corner of the display to access Control Center, and then you will see the battery percentage at the right top. After you have checked out, swipe up to dismiss Control Center. How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X. iPhone Battery Always Running Out? Try These Tips To Make It Through The Day.Ask a Tech Editor: How can I avoid losing my photos and messages if my phone gets broken or stolen? The latest iPhone software updates (iOS11 11.0.1) definitely draining the battery faster than before.And if youre still having problems with your battery life, one user suggests turning off assistive touch, which is advice that apparently came straight from the Apple developer forums Heres how to update iOS on an iPhone or iPad. 4. Does your battery need repairing or replacing? iPhone batteries dont last forever, and the time will come when your device needs to be looked at by a specialist.

How hard can it be to replace an iPhone battery? Remove some screws, open up the case, take out the old battery, plug in the new one and youre done, right? You can download a few diagnostics apps available in the App Store to learn more about the quality of your iPhones battery. If you want a detailed look at how your battery operates under stress, you can download an app like Geekbench 4 How To Charge Your Iphone Ipad Or Any Other Gadgets Using A Solar.Previous How To Make A Homemade Car Battery Charger. Next How Long To Renew British Passport In Australia. How to Calibrate iPhone Battery Increase iPhone Battery Life | Easy Steps In this Video You can Learn Step-by-step guide to iPhone Battery Calibration. Then, youll see a list of all the apps youve used in the last day and how much of your phones battery theyve been using.Newer iPhones (iPhone 5s and above) quietly monitor your movement in the background, and integrate that data with Apples health app. Heres a quick guide on how to see if your device is being slowed down by an older iPhone battery.While there are a lot of advantages to this updated tech, this new iPhone battery starts to lose its capacity after several hundred charges. A new, fully charged iPhone will last a full day of reasonably heavy usage. But with each charge cycle, the battery gradually wears down, and older devices or devices with faulty orThe Technical Data section of the Battery Health lets you see the nitty gritty details of how your battery is performing.

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