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In fact, we recently took to the streets to find out exactly what people think about Internet Explorer and as youll see, actually using IE11 and Windows 8.1 was enough to change a few minds. Internet Explorer Windows 8 Explorer Internet. By viveknayyar007Apr 10, 2014, 11:55 AM See all their Tutorials. Internet Explorer is a built-in program in almost every operating system developed by Microsoft.From the Start screen, click the Desktop tile. A. If Internet Explorer 11 has disappeared from the collection of app tiles on the Modern interface side of your Windows 8.1 system, check the settings to see if the program is still set to be your default web browser. Wallys Answer: Windows 8.1 brought with it the very exciting addition of Internet Explorer 11.What To Do When Internet Explorer Stops Working? . The Internet Explorer Wont Let Me Install New Applications! .How To Fix Users Grayed Out in Remote desktop? Microsoft continues improving its web browser software and in Windows 8.1 the software giant is introducing Internet Explorer 11, a new version that is notably faster than its predecessor and keeps the promise of delivering a fast and fluid experience optimized for touch. To avoid this, use Internet Explorer for desktop. If you visit a website that contains Adobe Flash Player-based content, no PlayTo endpoints are listed in the Devices charm.

There is no workaround at this time. Browse other questions tagged windows-8 internet-explorer windows-8.1 or ask your own question. asked. 3 years, 11 months ago.Unable to install Internet Explorer app in Windows 8? 0. Windows 8.1 Metro UI stopped working. Stuck in desktop mode. 0. As soon as I installed the upgrade, it would not work on the desktop.I understand that you are experiencing some problems getting your Internet Explorer to work since upgrading to Windows 8.

1. Windows 7 Windows Internet Explorer 64-Bit Windows 8 Desktop PC Windows 8 Desktop Mode Windows 8 Consumer Preview Desktop Make Desktop Default Windows Windows 8.1 Preview Bugs: Gmail Not Working in Internet 1250 x 693 jpeg 122kB. The Start Screen is not our favorite, so we have switched back to the Desktop. Works well for almost everything except the Internet Explorerin that folder there is a iexplorer icon can you open Internet explorer from that icon? More about : internet explorer working windows.everything works fine on my laptop except for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Gamehouse House Funpass, says I dont have - Tech Support. Windows 8.1 includes Internet Explorer 11, a major new revision to Microsofts web browser. This is particularly true in the "modern" mobile environment, where IE 11 offers a dramatically improved feature set when compared to its predecessor. Internet-Explorer. 2. Hover on the Charms bar and Settings. 3. Click Change PC Settings and go to Privacy.How To Move The Current Window To A Virtual Desktop With A Hotkey in Windows 10? Everything worked fine with Windows 8, but now that I have 8.1 IE 11 will not load pages, it says "This page cant be displayed."Are you using Modern User Interface Internet Explorer or Desktop version? 10 Tips for Working with Windows 8.1. How to Set Your Password in Windows 8.1. Load more.Internet Explorer on the desktop is very, very different from the Windows 8.1, tiled Metro-style version of IE. Flash player not working on windows 8 1 IE 11 adobe. By admin | September 5, 2016. 0 Comment.Originally, the problem was occurring in both IE 11 desktop and Windows 8 .1 (app) mode. I posted a question Continue. Adobe Flash Player will not work on my Internet Explorer 11. Modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox (and Internet Explorer, but only on How to Make the Windows Desktop Work Well on High-DPI Displays and Fix. Internet Explorers Enhanced Protected Mode feature is disabled by default on Windows 8.1 desktop. Windows Desktop, Start menu and folders.If web pages open without causing Internet Explorer to hang, then IE11 itself is working fine. The next step is to try disabling recently added add-ons. Home > internet explorer > Windows 8.1 ie desktop stopped working.o Internet Explorer performance. Desktop ie still sets and spins. Anyway I can get back to 8.0 as this seems to have started when I upgraded to 8.1. Description: This technical article will show how to disable the Internet Explorer feature in Windows 8.1. Press Windows key X.Select Turn Windows features on or off. Uncheck the Internet Explorer feature and click OK. From the desktop run Internet Explorer by running it from the program location, or press Windows Key R, and type iexplore.Very helpful i really dont like IExplorer but i needed for work and this post really help me, thnaks. Working With Multiple Windows. You can see only one window at a time on your screen if you have the windows maximized.If you use the Internet Explorer app on Windows 8.1 rather than the regular desktop version of the browser, windows and tabs work a bit differently. My annoyance with Windows 8.1 continues. now with internet explorer.I did create a shortcut to iexplore.exe on the desktop and add it to the start menu - but that does not work. Tags Fix Internet Explorer 11 IE 11 Internet Explorer 11.Windows 8.1 and IE 11 dont work on my computer.My computer goes straight to desktop when I start it instead of going to the windows screen like it used to when I bought it. Home > Internet Explorer > Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer Metro Not Working Properly.Contents. Ie11 Metro Mode. Open Internet Explorer In Desktop Mode. Fix: Windows App Tiles are not working in Windows 10/8.Difference between Internet Explorer app and Desktop version in Windows 8. Internet Explorer has stopped working, freezes, crashes, hangs in Windows 10/8/7. If you are a user of Internet Explorer, one day it can surprise you and stop working. A friend of mine called me today and complained that his Internet Explorer browser was not opening in Windows 8.1 from the taskbar as well as the Start Screen. Internet Explorer Error Windows 8.1. I stopped for lunch. Some of which might not be fixed yet.4 Getting the desktop version of IE back on. The agent confirmed the issue is Nortons and it is being worked. When I try, IE crashes. First, you cant work exclusively with the app and disable the desktop IE altogether.This text is a translation from the German article Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8: 32 oder 64 Bit, App oder Desktop? Metro apps will not work if you disabled UAC by setting the EnableLUA registry DWORD to 0 (zero) for the old Vista and Windows 7 method instead of using the Windows 8 User Account ControlHow to View Webpage from Modern Internet Explorer in Desktop IE in Windows 8 and 8.1. Starting with Windows 8, Internet Explorer provides one web platform that supports two browsing experiences: Internet Explorer in the new Windows UI that is optimized for touch devices, and the familiar browsing experience of Internet Explorer for the desktop. So if some one is looking for the extra right click context menu options that are available in Internet Explorer Desktop mode, he is unable to find them.[FIX] Hotspot Not Working After Windows 10 Update. He does mention that hes running Windows 8.1 on a new desktop and that all of the other browsers are working alright.Open the Run box (Windows Key R) enter iexplore.exe -extoff (there is one space before the (-) and click OK See if Internet Explorer starts without freezing in this no add-ons Filed Under: Windows 8 Tagged With: Desktop Mode, IE 12, Internet Expl, internet explorer 12, Internet explorer app, internet explorer full screen, stopped working, Windows 8 (Operating System), windows 8 activation, windows 8 activator, windows 8 backup, windows 8 customization Fix: Clicking On Internet Explorer Tile On Start Screen Opens Internet Explorer Desktop Version.mattmcgill on Fix: Taskbar Not Working In Windows 10. Elocin on How To Check Office 365 Subscription Expiry Date. Windows 8.1 internet explorer apps opens as desktop?I cant open internet explorer fom desktop in windows 8.1?IE 11 opening and closing in Windows 8.1 desktop? I have windows 8.1 and notice that something dont run on explorer 8.1 but will is you switch to desktop.Windows 8.1. apps stopped working Tech Support. How to Fix Error - When I connect to the internet, I get error HTTP403.? Windows 8 represents a significant change for both Microsoft and operating systems in general. As a result of this change, some quirky functionality remains in the OS that Microsoft will hopefully iron out over time. One of these quirky items is the way that Internet Explorer 10 works in both the desktop Windows 8.1 IE 11 Metro - Default Setting. IE 11 Desktop - The Traditional Controls.Note 1: The key point is Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop. (What you select underI appreciated the ability to Sync my favorites and history between devices this works thanks to my Microsoft account. RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance. Fix: Internet Explorer has stopped working.So, lets start. Because we do not have Internet Explorer shortcut on Desktop, we will first open Internet Explorer file location. How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 8/8.1 Mode / Desktop Mode - Продолжительность: 2:00 Best PC Tutorials 113 781 просмотр.How to fix metro apps not working in windows8 100 Works - Продолжительность: 3:00 Timi Owoturo 10 917 просмотров. The machine came with windows 8 on it and upgraded to 8.1(bad choice). Once I upgraded to 8.

1 internet explorer does not work when I click the classic desktop icon and just gives me an error saying "the page cannot be displayed". The Flash verification page says "Youre not running Internet Explorer in Windows 8". I have tried all the troubleshooting I can find, and no positive results as of yet.Confirmed. Windows 8.1 64bit, IE 11 flash works from Start menu but not from desktop. does not show properly in the Internet Explorer 11 browser.New PDF Viewer for IE and Setting for Folder Moves/Copies. Egnyte Drive for Windows 1.1.Using the Desktop App (Egnyte Drive) on Windows with SSO and TFA? Egnyte Update on Global Check Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop. Click OK to save the Internet Explorer setting changes.Categories: Windows Tags: Internet Explorer September 15, 2013 Author devonenote. Post navigation. Then enter .iexplore.exe (no quotes) and press Enter. This method works in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. 9. Use Microsoft Edge to launch Internet Explorer. News Forums > Microsoft Windows and Software Forum > Windows 8 Forum >. Desktop not working after 8.1. Discussion in Windows 8 Forum started by BillJ, Oct 18, 2013 desktop ie not working in windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 internet explorer apps opens as desktop?I cant open internet explorer fom desktop in windows 8.1?IE 11 opening and closing in Windows 8.1 desktop? And even your website wrote me that i dont have instaled flashplayer on my system or in browser (tried from desktop IE). I tried download solution for windows 8.1 on your website but it doesnt work cuz its only system update and i already have it. The pointerup event is not working correctly with Win Windows Phone 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11.Ive done an example here. If you test it with desktop browsers or Android-Chrome or iOS-Chrome/Safai works correctly.

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