document.body.scrolltop not working in ie8





When document have no scrollbar, document.body.scrollTop and document.documentElement.scrollTop are unchangeable.horizontal scrolling not working in safari 6? 9. After some digging around further, I found out that Firefox and IE identify the "top" differently so I changed the code from: if ( document.body.scrollTop . Jquery.scroll() not working in IE with both (window) and (document). (issue with window.pageYOffset?) In Firefox and IE8, the above code works exactly like I want: the scrolled box (in this case, the page body) correctly scrolls the contained stuff to the right point in the window when its told to do so.("body,html,document").scrollTop(("mapcanvas").position().

top) This fix works in IE8 (maybe IE7 too).if you want bottom / bottom:0 top:expression(document.body.scrollTop document.body.clientHeight-this.clientHeight) document.body.scrollTop in IE.This works in IE 8 but not in Chrome or FF. I am new to the world of cross browser functionality. function ShowModal(WindowID,FramesetID) window.onscroll function ()

Originally I had tried to rely on document.body.scrollTop which works fine for the original demos I created, but it fails when running in a MasterPage.

I dont think its the master page per se that is making this different, but probably the containership inside of the body tag. I am setting vertical scrollbar value using "document.documentElement. scrollTop200". It is working fine in Firefox and IE but it is not working in Google Chorme. How to set this value in Google Chrome? This works in IE 8 but not in Chrome or FF. I am new to the world of cross browser functionality.window.onscroll function () document.body.scrollTop To get the height of the browser window in JavaScript, use window.innerHeight, and for IE8 or below, a variant of document.body.clientHeightThe pctScrolled variable then divides the scrollTop variable (amount the use has scrolled) with trackLength to derive how much the user has scrolled percentage document.documentElement.scrollTop ? document.documentElement.scrollTop : document.body.scrollTophelp? I believe it would (and it should also work in both modes). The browser support status is this: IE8, Firefox, Opera: ("html"). Chrome, Safari: (" body"). So this worksThis appears to be working in FF and WebKit IE not tested so far. ( document).scrollTop() Anyone have any ideas why scrollTop isnt working in IE? It works in Chrome fine, and I dont know about firefox.myHeight document.body.clientHeight var scrolledtonum window.pageYOffset myHeight 2 IE8 works fine without switching into compatibility mode, 3. Only one solution in this moment is using two tables, one for heading and one for body wrapped with scrolling div. jQuery animate scrollTop not working in IE 7. 04/05/2016. javascript jquery. The following works in Chrome / FF etc(document).animate(scrollTop: 0, 0) (html,body).animate(scrollTop: 0, 0) document.body.scrollTop in IE. Discussion in JavaScript started by rickbkis, Mar 23, 2005.It worked great for positioning the table. However, with this DOCTYPE, document.body.scrollTop in IE reports zero, no matter where the body is scrolled. The following code is working in firefox but not in chrome. Its got me stumped. (html, body).animate(scrollTop: (.panel-group).offset().top, 800, swing)This is how I fixed it. var getCommentFormDocWidth (document).width() if (getCommentFormDocWidth < 991) var sPos if no doctype is specified in the document, the scrollTop property of the body element returns the scroll amount in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google ChromeNote that neither the overflow style property nor the scrollTop property work for HTML elements whose display type is inline. | Re: scrollTop - not working. Karl (document).scrollTop() used to work in jQuery 1.3.2. Seems to be currently broken in 1.3.3pre (nightly as of yesterday). JQuery UI 1.7.2s Dialog component uses ( document).scrollTop() all over the place so this bug causes major headaches. The title is a bit misleading. document.getElementById actually does work in IE8, it just works differently than it did in previous versions. Previously ( in IE8 Compatibility Mode and earlier), getElementById actually searched based on name and id. For instance, if we try to scroll the page from the script in , it wont work. Regular elements can be scrolled by changing scrollTop/scrollLeft.In Chrome/Safari/Opera: use document.body.scrollTop/Left instead. document.documentElement.scrollTop. and it worked. For those of you, This fixed positioning does not work in IE7 or IE8, try changing your doctype to.But it does with document.body.scrollTop. And if you changed it, it wont work in Firefox. XD. When I look at the source in ff I see the table results but not in ie. That is why I think append does not work correctly in ie. Any suggestions?Similar Threads. Dynamically created input typefile. document.getElementbyId not working inside table. Anyone have any ideas why scrollTop isnt working in IE? It works in Chrome fine, and I dont know about firefox.myHeight document.body.clientHeight var scrolledtonum window.pageYOffset myHeight 2 Things that didnt work and returned zero in IE8: window.pageYOffset (window). scrollTop() (document).scrollTop() (this).scrollTop() This is my code before my fix when its only working for IE9 FF Chrome. JQuery :: ScrollTop: Offset().top Not Working In Firefox 4 Or IE 8?ScrollTop - Works In IE But Not FF - Chrome Or Safari? JQuery :: Get Document Body Of A Newly Created Iframe? JQuery :: How To Detect If Document Body Height Changed. If you want to get or set the vertical scroll position of a document, you can use element. scrollTop.In quirks mode you would use the element, via document.body. This works in IE and Firefox and the late Presto Opera. Removed IE8 per comment from user below. Evidently it does not work. Browser window.pageYOffset document.body.scrollTop document.documentElement.scrollTop IE9 Valid ? If I add document.documentElement.scrollTop to offset().top and document .docHello guys. is?(body , html) and?(body , html) two different things ?? because the below code doest work: (body , htmlIm using Firefox 36.0.4 and have tried on down to 32. IE 8,9,10 wont work either. its working on firefox and IE8 but not in chrome, win.scrollTop() is always returning 0. i tried everything win ( document), (window) and (body, html) and its always returning 0 or nothing. Can somebody help me? Comment. CSS Object Model (CSSOM) View Module The definition of scrollTop in that specification. Working Draft.Document Tags and Contributors. document.documentElement.scrollTop works fine to detect the position in IE8. Are you saying the Jquery fade problem is a result of the browser being unable to detect the scroll offset properly?For browsers in Quirks mode return . x: doc.body.scrollLeft var elmnt document.getElementById("myDIV") elmnt.scrollLeft 50 elmnt.scrollTop 10 Try it Yourself ».Therefore, we use the documentElement property for these browsers body.scrollLeft 30 body.scrollTop 10 html.scrollLeft 30 html.scrollTop 10 Comment 42 by [email protected], Jan 13 2011 Processing var addOnVal if (document.documentElement.scrollTop ! document.body.scrollTop) addOnValI just cant get it to work in internet explorer (10). Animate Scrolltop Ie Should I report it? This site requires Internet Explorer 8 or higher.In the end I got around this on Firefox and IE by using the selector (). scrollTop(0) Not perfect if you have elements you dont want to effect but it gets around the Document, Body, HTML and Window disparity. myHeight document.body.clientHeight var scrolledtonum window.pageYOffset myHeight 2jquery scrollTop does not work in IE8. You need something more like this to scroll to the specified anchor if ((document.body.clientHeight document.body.scrollTop) > document. body.offsetHeight)This is the solution thyat worked for all browsers including IE 8.gets current vertical scrollbar position var scrlpos window.pageYOffset ? window.pageYOffset : document.documentElement.scrollTop When i tried the setInterval method in IE8 its not wokring Copyright © 2018.