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Dont fool yourself: Donald Trump is capable of winning not only the Republican primary, but the general election too.This, however, is exactly the same reason why many didnt think Trump could possibly perform well in the Republican primary. Can Trump win states like CA in general election?Why Trump Will Win the General Election | StateOfDaniel - Duration: 8:43. stateofdaniel 136,282 views. Can Trump Win a General Election?Perhaps Trump can shake up the electoral math to the point where enough Democrats abandon Hillary Clinton to make up for the number of Republicans who decline to support Trump. Where does Trump need to win in the general election? Scott Rasmussen on which states are pivotal in the general election.SR 1298 Trump Can Win! Electoral College Map Is Changing Fast for the Better. Ignore Bias MSM. But assuming Clinton is the Democratic candidate and there is no significant terrorist attack before Election Day, can Trump win in November?And the difference between a turnout in a primary and general election is great. Without major help from Super PACs, its highly unlikely that Donald Trump could win a general election.Furthermore, although approval numbers dont generally mean a lot this early in the game, they are relevant when someone is as well-known as Trump. (The following is a research report by the Bear Traps Investment Newsletter used by CNBC Pro with permission.). While Washington pundits continue to predict Donald Trumps demise and potentially that of the Republican Party John Kasichs campaign in Michigan, said it takes an "extraordinary" Republican candidate to win a presidential election in the state, someone who can build coalitions and attract a wide variety ofIn his mind, the general election race between Trump and Clinton in Michigan is a "done deal." Chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports from Washington Watch James Rosen talk about Elections, Presidential, Presidential Primaries, and Although general election polls this far out tend to not be entirely accurate, so far Trump is nowhere close to catching up to Clinton.Only Trump can win New York and reverse the electoral math for Republicans. Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College with 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton. Seven electors voted for someone other than their partys candidate. Despite his occasional protestations to the contrary, Trump would be relying heavily on white voters in a general election.

Dont laugh, Zach Carter and Ryan Grim, of the Huffington Post, wrote last month. Donald Trump could actually win this thing. Donald Trump supporter, former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, goes On the Record with her take The Donalds general election strategy.Does the RNC really think Trump can win California or NY? Gingrich predicts Trump will transform the electoral map. With 992 under his belt, hes nearing the 1,237 he needs to win the right to run against the Democratic nominee—most likely Hillary Clinton—in Novembers general election. And so the world has started to come to grips with the likelihood of a Trump nomination, and the less certain but still Trump wins Wisconsin, closes in on 270 electoral votes. CNN projects that Donald Trump will win Wisconsin, putting him just 14 electoral votes away from winning the presidency.Joe Scarborough: Trump cant win general election.

If he can do that, hell go far in bringing his party together—setting the GOP up for a solid general election performance.The electoral math is not difficult. Trump, or any Republican for that matter, cant win the election unless they turn some Obama blue states red. In the general election, Trump didnt run his campaign in any sort of traditional way. He was outspent in campaign ads by Clinton by 3 to 1, and he had a small, disorganized ground game up against the Clinton election machine. He initially said he needed to raise 1 billion for the general election, but he has since scaled back.can trump win? theoretically, yes. practically? no. it was going to be a tough election for a good gop candidate. the electoral college map.does not favor them. trump is not a good candidate and has While the AP-GfK poll suggests Trump can broaden his support to win the nomination, it also suggests his coalition has some limits.Those numbers will almost surely have to improve for Trump to be a competitive general election candidate. Donald Trumps transition from primary flame-thrower to general-election standard bearer has been marked by controversy. By Dr. Michael Coulter. Donald Trump Close Up. The Center For Vision Values. Grove City, PA -( This is not an argument for what should happen or what Id like to happen in the November presidential election A former presidential advisor said Trump has high chance of winning a re- election in next election. The conventional wisdom among the Republican mainstream (which generally dont overlap with Trump enthusiasts) is that this will ensure a Democratic win in the general election. Right now, Donald Trump is viewed unfavorably by 60 of the public. Hillary Clinton would have a significant electoral advantage over Donald Trump in the general election, based on an NPR analysis.Adding in the "likely" states, Democrats still lead 201-180. Can Trump Win New York? All things being equal, Trump would have a tougher time in the general election were he to become the Republican nominee than Mitt Romney had.If Trump were to champion the return of bankruptcy protections to all student loans, he would win over at least half of these folks. It is not possible to win without even being competitive in this bloc. Silvers assessment that Trump would struggle in the general election is borne out by the latest polling. Could Trump win the general election? What about Ben Carson? Or Marco Rubio?If these candidates are barely alive in their partys primary election, can they win the general election if nominated? The 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump was formally launched on June 16, 2015, at Trump Tower in New York City. Trump was the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election, having won the most state primaries, caucuses Consumer protection litigator. Former deputy attorney general in Trenton. Wolverine. GoBlue.But he avoided the elephant in the room — President-Elect Trumps election victory proves the power of Facebook advertising to influence the election. "The probability of him winning the general election is extremely low.5) The silent majority appears, and they want TRUMP! When I first asked Greenberg whether Trump could win a general election, he said, "No, he cant." Trump rides wave of anti-establishment sentiment to one of the most improbable political victories in modern US history. Michael Moore: Heres how Donald Trump can win the general election. Jason Guerrasio. May.So with the bizarre happenings of this political season, does Moore have any interest in doing a movie about the 2016 election? Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump asserted that he will win the general elections even as the mainstream media and political pundits predicted very little chances of him making it to the White House. Trump has the advantage. What about a contested convention? The arcane rules of the Republican nomination process consist of four general stagesPrediction markets imply around a 70 probability that the Democratic candidate will win the general election. Ted Cruz said only he can win the GOP nomination and the general election, but added that John Kasich would also prevail over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton."There are two candidates in this race who can win the nomination: me or Donald Trump. Trump is too vulgar, obnoxious, or vague to win a general election, the argument goes, and his likability numbers are the worst in both partys primaries. Yet in national polling, Trump shows a competitive position against both Clinton and Sanders. But assuming Clinton is the Democratic candidate and there is no significant terrorist attack before election day, can Trump win in November?And the difference between a turnout in a primary and general election is great. Now that the Nevada dust has settled to reveal a towering statue of Trump, you may be nervously asking yourself: What happens if he really does go on to win the nomination? Hillary Clinton would crush him in the general election, right? If Hilary wins shell have the highest DISapproval rating of any elected President (and Trump is even worse). All of the polls show Bernie doing much better vs. Trump in a general election. Donald Trump is already eyeing general election swing states in anticipation of becoming the Republican nominee — and in an interview with Time, he says he is fully expecting to dismantle the Electoral College map. "I will win states where Republicans dont even go to campaign," Trump said But assuming Clinton is the Democratic candidate and there is no significant terrorist attack before election day, can Trump win in November?And the difference between a turnout in a primary and general election is great. And my concern is that Donald Trump is not electable in a general election, and Im afraid you are giving him some legitimacy.Hes already starting to assume what hes even calling a general election posture, and I wouldnt be surprised if he does end up winning the nomination. Say Trump becomes the Republican nominee. Can he win in the general election?Yet at the same time, they seemingly ignore the polls which show Donald Trump LOSING to Hillary Clinton in the general election. John Sullivan has an excellent answer on what Trumps political strategy will have to be in order to win the general election, which is centered on voters who are not affiliated with either of the major parties. Political prognosticators who first predicted that Trump would never get in the presidential race and, once he got in, that he would quickly fade, are now predicting that he would have little shot of winning the general election should he be the Republican nominee. Throughout this primary season, Ive had an ongoing fight with a co-worker about whether Donald Trump could win the general election. I was pretty firmly in the if the economy collapses, maybe, but he is much more likely to drag the entire Republican field down with him camp. The General Election Is Different Than the Primaries. You may have read a headline that says Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton in head-to-head polls.He didnt win those states, and Obama won the electoral college in a landslide by 332206 votes. (Image by Permission Details DMCA A long shot to win the Electoral College, per a demographic expert. Assuming Trump wins the nomination, hardly a sure thing. Finally, they said there was no way he could compete for, let alone win, a general election.

Now hes President-elect Trump. Here are five ways he pulled off what was unexpected by most and incomprehensible to many. How Trump Can Win the General Election. I dont take it as a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination this year, but its looking more likely than ever with his new pause on Muslim immigration so popular with GOP voters.

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